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Hi there, I am Astro!

I am 5 months old.

I'm full of attitude and also a master manipulator. I've had a very relaxed lifestyle, I was adopted by a lovely hooman, and taken home to a loving family.

I was not used to this, I don't understand why they want to touch me all the time, I like to let my whiskers fly and be a solo stud, and yet they insist on defiling me with their weird hairless paws.

Don't get me wrong, I love cuddles! Usually when I'm hungry, or when it's bedtime! But only on my terms, as I can rather stubborn.

My favourite place to sleep is on my Hooman's face, as it is warm and gives me satisfaction that he then struggles to, not only, but breathe.

My "loving" family recently adopted a rather large puppy At first I was intimidated and unamused but now we are play friends.

I always win.

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