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My name is Billy, but my family have an array of nicknames for me.

I was adopted when I was one from an animal shelter, and in October I will have been with my hooman family form three years!

My absolute favourite thing to do is sleep! I will sleep anywhere, at anytime of of any day. Sometimes I like chasing tennis balls around the yard like a dog, and sometimes all the entertainment I need is supplied by the extra lot of fur on the end of my body...oh yes, my family call it a "tail". 

My aspirations are to sleep in as many spots as I can! the sun...on blankets...on pillows... EVERYWHERE!

I love my spoilt life with cute outfits, bowties and special snacks every now and again. I couldn't imagine a life without my hooman family!


Keep track of all the spaces Billy sleeps on Instagram @billytherussianblue

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