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I'm turning 2 on June 3rd!!

I'm very quiet. I only meow when it's an emergency, for example when my tummy really really needs refill. Sometimes I just lead Mum to the fridge and she knows what I need.

I love catnip, playing with my cat friends and wrestling with my three stuffed animals; Pinky, Piggy and Meeka. I love wrestling with them because I always win.

I love tuna, mackerel and salmon. I don't like anything chicken flavoured but I love bird watching.

When the phone rings, I always run to it because what if the call is for me?!

Oh, I also love giving my hoomans the Innocent Kitty Eyes that I was born with especially when I need something.

I own two hoomans, but my Mum's family takes care of me too, so they're like my "part time" servants.

When I grow up, I want to take over the world. But since I'm still a little boy (at least Mum says so) I just focus on eating, napping and playing.

Oh! I also make sure that I inspect every visitor that comes in our house. If they seem okay, I offer my neck for them to rub. If they don't seem okay, I walk away.


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  • you’re so cute coffee. please train me. haha. meow.meow.

    Jaime5 on
  • He is just too cute! Sounds very cheeky hehehe

    Amanda on
  • Hahaha! You’re right! He did audition for How to Train Your Dragon but they told him to wait until “How to Train Your Hooman” is produced. (Thanks for featuring him.)

    Coffee's Hooman on
  • I love you so much Coffee. You are the best!

    Eli on
  • Coffee is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen! No only is he a good looking boy he has a wonderful, sweet personality.
    I would love to just hold him and kiss him all day! He should win cat of the week because he so great!

    Ron on

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