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I am a domestic short hair, tuxedo boy. I was born at our own house into my Meowmy's arms, she helped my Mother, Hilma, with her delivery. I was smaller than the others, and shy, so Meowmy wanted to keep me to make sure I would survive. 

I live with my cat family: Mother (Hilma), Grandmother (Alma) and Uncle (Keku)

I also live with my hooman family: Meowmy, Pawpa and two sisters (9 and 7)

I am turning 5 soon! Although I'm almost 5, I'm tiny in size almost the same as an 8 month old!

When I was 4 months old I ran away to our neighbour's barn. There I was in danger and I lost the tip of my tail! Luckily, our neighbour found me and rescued me. Since then I have been an indoor cat - I am afraid to go outside.

I really love my Meowmy and best of all is spending time on her tummy. I love to cuddle and kiss! 

I like to participate in family activities. I play with my sisters and Meowmy. My favourite toys are my sisters' little figure toys (I chase them) and my whirl toy with feathers. At night time I run around the house with my Cat Mother. 

My favourite foods are beef treats, tuna, sour cream and seafood flavoured soft food.

I'm a very kind boy and I want to spread love and happiness around! My future dream is to be a meowdel despite my differences! 

Oh, and I love cameras and posing!!

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