Luca & Sadie

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We live in San Francisco with our Mum who's originally from England.

Mum had an orange tabby who lived until 19 years old called Hamlet. Mum was very sad when he passed away but she had lots of love in her heart and knew lots of kitties were in the shelter look for a furrever home. 

It took a few weeks of searching but she finally went to our local SPCA and met Luca (he was then named Carlito). He was a shy boy at first but then sat on Mum's lap, he gave her a head bop on the face and that was it! He was a year old.

Four years later, Mum decided Luca needed a friend. This time, Sadie, was rescued from Toni's Kitten Rescue in San Francisco, where an army of foster Mums bottle feed little kittens until they are able to eat regular food. Sadie was going to be euthanized at 3 weeks old, so Mum is grateful that she was saved.

Luca and Sadie were best friends after 3 days!

Their favourite toys are sparkle balls (pink and purple ones), nekko caterpillar wand and bouncy balls.

They love to wrestle and play chase, but their favourite thing is to watch all the birdies outside and, of course, lap time cuddles with Mum, 

We are advocates for adopt don't shop!

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