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Hi! I’m Meatball. I had a rough early life: I was born googly-eyed and partially-blind. I was adopted by a not-so-nice hooman who abandoned me a month later. Luckily, my destiny did not include living out my days as a starving orphan on the mean streets.
I was rescued by the wonderful humans at Kindred Kitties (, an all-volunteer rescue in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. Potential adopters would make fun of me for my googly eyes and pass me over because I was so shy. But one day, a very special Kindred Kitties volunteer adopted me, and I got my forever home!
Now I spend my days sunning my tummy in my favourite window box, and
competing for the hoomans’ attention with my silly little brother Penguin. He doesn’t understand the awesome responsibility that comes with being the HCIC (Head Cat In Charge), so I let him be the naughty clown always in trouble while I get praised by the hooman servants for being the “best little thing on 4 feet!”
I love treats, but I am very particular about where I get them and who gives them to me. (I think this is why Penguin steals so many of my treats, but don’t tell him I said that!)
Despite my eye issues, I’m really good at hunting and catching bugs that fly into the house. It’s one of my favourite ways to be active and “cat-like.” I also like to meow incessantly as soon as the humans get comfortable on the couch.
I’m really lucky to have such wonderful hooman servants that love me despite my imperfect looks. (shhhh! Don’t tell them I said that or they’ll start demanding more head bonks!)
Many “special needs” cats are often overlooked at shelters, so I dedicate my free time (in between naps and treats) to show hoomans that every kitty, no matter what their “issues”, deserve a loving home.
Follow my adventures (or what I call “that damn human is sticking the camera in my face again”) on Instagram: @meatballrescuecat

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