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Ruby is a smart mouthed, urban dwelling kitty. Her favourite place in the apartment is the bedroom dresser. It allows her to peek out the window and watch the world go by, or snoop on the neighbours. 

She loves chasing bugs and lizards and has a very good catch rate. They come in from the balcony and she is very thankful every day, that there are no fly screens. Her hooman curses this.

Toys come in close second and anything that allows Ruby to practice her stalking gets the okay. 

She dislikes paparazzi, long drives and walks on the beach. She cannot stand canned cat food and dressing up (even if it's for Halloween). 

On hoomans she says "I love my hooman, most of the time, because she makes the apartment entertaining for me and doesn't get too upset when I bring in bugs. She's okay for a hooman".

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