Truffles & Mushroom

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Hello everyone!

Our names are Truffles and Mushroom - nice to meet you all!

Truffles is nearly 7 months old and Mushroom is almost 4 months now. We are biological sisters with a litter apart from each other but we have very different personalities. 

Both of our favourite toy is the little mouse our hoomans first got for us - it's a bit scruffy now but we still love it!

During lunch times we spend most of our time sun baking on our cat tree - we heard on the news that vitamin D and a lot of rest is good for you!

In the purrfect world we love to have 8 small meals a day, but we need to keep our figures in shape as when we grow up we would like to be cat walk super meowdels! Everyone says our struts and looks are pawsome, so we are getting there!

Thank you for your time in reading our bio - for all the meowdel agencies please form one line and bring snacks!

You can also follow them on Instagram @truffles_and_mushroom

Use #cattingtons_features for your chance at the big time!

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