About Us

Are you tired of cheap products falling apart after chewing them for 30 seconds?

Are you disappointed when the toys you throw down the stairs fail to wake your sleeping hooman?

Are you an Australian cat with a preference for premium quality and service?

Then Cattingtons is for you.

Cattingtons has been many things since its April 2017 inception, and has reinvented its image many times to bring you what we have today – a marketplace for premium uniquities with an artisanal feel.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best toys, treats and trinkets from all over the world but our favourite things to deliver are Australian made with the blood, sweat and furr of small Aussie businesses.

The Gimmebox launched in October 2018 and has been received by cats all over the country commending its beautiful collection of items and personalised feel.

We support small charities, rescue groups and foster networks that don’t benefit from the large sums afforded to the main players, and involve our catstomers in the process. At this stage, you might notice, our groups are from Melbourne, this is so we can visit and build relationships with the teams who do so much for cat kind.

Founded by cats, for cats, Cattingtons is an inclusive, sophisticated store catering for your most frivolous feline needs.

We are always looking for feedback – whether it’s on the site, the products or the service, or even if it’s just to say hello! So please feel free to send us an eMeow at:



Kind meows,

Philip D. Strauss

Loki Anfield